PM Software and Workbooks

I often get asked the question, “Why do I need a Project Manager, can’t I just use (insert software name here).” and my answer is always the same, “Using your preferred software or internal tools for your organization is a great foundation for the tracking of a project and even assigning resources, but it is not even close to being able to replace a PM.

Software and tools such as MS Project, Monday, Trello, Wrike, and countless other tools are great tools for keeping a project or a project team on task. However, it is just a tool and not a replacement for a quality PM.

Tools like these are typically designed around communication and assigning people (resources) to a task.

However, it is still up to the designated administrator to check in with their team, request updates, and then compile those updates and project statuses for a report back to the project stakeholders. 

Another way to look at these tools is the same way you should look at craftspeople. You can purchase all the hammers, nails, tape measures, and even the paint, but do the people you assign these tools to know how to use them and use them well enough to coordinate building a top-notch quality home or facility? Chances are, you would rather hire a quality contractor or builder based on their portfolio of projects and their customer reviews, right? 

A good project manager will be able to utilize any tools and software that you may have already implemented in your organization. If you haven’t chosen one, they will likely be able to help you select the platform that is right for you and your team. They will also be able to have those necessary conversations with the rest of the project team to ensure that workflow doesn’t stop, quality and safety remain of the highest priority, all while managing costs and schedules all the way to the desired result of your project.  

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